SMGE "SHYMKENT HIGHER MEDICAL COLLEGE" оf healthcare departament of soth Kazakhstan Region
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It is attested by the Health Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 7 specialties: General medicine, Nursing, Hygiene and Epidemiology, Stomatology, Laboratory Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Orthopedic Stomatology.
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Graduates of the second year
Graduates of the second year "Nursing with qualification of applied baccalaureate" 1 year 6 months

On April 5-6, a significant event took place at the Higher Medical College, the next graduation in the specialty "Nursing" with the qualification "Applied Bachelor  of  Nursing" (1 year and 6 months of training) was carried out.

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Competition of competitive future specialists
Competition of competitive future specialists

On March 30, within the walls of  the "Higher Medical College" of the Health Department of  Shymkent   a professional competition was held in the specialty "Pharmacy". 20 best graduates of medical colleges took part in the Republican professional competition "The Best Pharmacist - 2021" among graduates of medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the specialty "Pharmacy", organized online.

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Rewarding pensioners
Rewarding pensioners

On March 19,  on the eve of the Great Day of the Nation - Nauryz holiday, the director of the college G.M. Abishev and the chairman of the trade union A.K. Buldyrykova met with  retirees employees and presented gifts. The director congratulated the pensioners on Nauryz holiday and he called to set an example for young people in the future and to promote Kazakhstan patriotism among young people.

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